4 Things You Need to Know About Your Child’s Dental Sealants

Most of the time when you take your child to a Silicon Valley dentist, you expect the visit to be fairly routine. There is likely to be cleaning and flossing by the dental hygienist before the dentist arrives to count teeth. Some x-rays might even be in order to check some areas where a cavity is questionable. On one of those visits, though, you might be surprised to hear the dentist mention sealing your child’s teeth. 
Here’s what you need to know about this procedure:
1. Dental Sealants are Painted On
Dental sealants are a special plastic coating that is thin enough to be painted on your child’s teeth. This material, which is designed for oral use, bonds quickly onto your child’s teeth, coating the natural depressions and grooves there.
2. They Protect Teeth
If your child’s dentist recommends dental sealants, it’s likely because there is some concern about certain areas that are more vulnerable to decay. In general, sealants are used on a child’s molars and premolars. Because these teeth are located far in the back of the mouth, they are more difficult for a child to reach and brush effectively.
3. Dental Sealants are Effective
The American Dental Association (ADA) cites decades of research that shows the dental sealants are an effective tool that can reduce the incidences of tooth decay in children ages 6 to 14. One particular statistic that is noteworthy is that research has found that using a resin-based sealant on six-year molars results in an 80% reduction in cavities.
4. They are Safe
There has been a great deal of information about the harmful effects of bisphenol A — perhaps better known as BPA. Though dental sealants don’t contain BPA, some contain compounds that can convert to BPA when mixed with saliva. While this might sound alarming, the ADA points out that this results in minimal levels of BPA exposure for only a few hours. For comparison, the air that the average child breathes on a daily basis contains BPA in amounts that are 100 times more than those found in dental sealants.
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