Keep Your Smile Bright This Summer With Teeth Whitening

One of the most dramatic ways to enhance your appearance is to revitalize your smile with teeth whitening. Not only that, but a brighter smile can also greatly increase your confidence.

In fact, stained or discolored teeth can make many people feel too self-conscious to even smile or speak. Whiter teeth can make such a difference in a person’s self-image that it ranks as the most popular cosmetic dental procedure requested by dental patients. 

While you can get some improvement with whitening toothpaste and strips, you’ll get the fastest and most dramatic results from professional in-office teeth whitening. These systems use proprietary blends of whiteners that can help you quickly achieve the whitest teeth possible for a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. 

You can achieve the bright smile you desire by working with a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening. John Vellequette, DDS, and Stephanie Fung, DDS, of Smile Center Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California, provide professional in-office teeth whitening services. They specialize in helping patients achieve optimal results by using the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatments available. 

Find out more about our teeth whitening services and how they can give you the appearance you desire this summer. 

How teeth become discolored

Your teeth may appear dull, yellow, or stained for several reasons. Extrinsic tooth stains discolor the enamel, or outer surface, of your teeth. They occur as a result of eating and drinking colored food and beverages, such as coffee, red wine, tea, tomato sauce, or berries. You can also stain your enamel by ignoring oral hygiene, smoking, or chewing tobacco. 

Intrinsic tooth stains occur in the dentin, the tooth surface beneath your enamel, which yellows over time with aging. As your enamel thins and tiny dental fractures or cracks in your enamel occur, these processes allow more of the yellowish-brown dentin inside your teeth to become visible, resulting in an overall yellow effect on your teeth. Intrinsic tooth stains can also occur as a result of genetics, trauma to a tooth, or using tetracycline antibiotics or too much fluoride. 

Why professional teeth whitening works best

Professional teeth whitening involves bleaching, a chemical reaction that changes the color of your teeth. The most common and effective chemicals involved in teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. Your results will depend on the type of stains you have and how they occurred. 

Professional-grade whitening gels can contain up to 40% hydrogen peroxide solutions, the maximum amount of chemicals that can remove stains safely without damaging your teeth. They also contain desensitizers, such as potassium nitrate and fluoride, to reduce sensitivity so you can get the whitest results without damaging your teeth or the surrounding tissue. 

When administered by a dentist, you can ensure that professional teeth whitening will give you even color with dramatic results while protecting the health and safety of your teeth and mouth.

What to expect with professional teeth whitening

In-office professional teeth whitening allows you to get the benefits of the strongest whitening solutions as quickly as possible. The entire process and whitening procedure typically lasts less than an hour and can be accomplished during your lunch break from work.

Before the whitening process, a member of our staff will review the shade guide with you. This establishes how much whitening you desire. Our staff ensures that you don’t get results that are too extreme since that can draw attention to dental devices such as crowns, implants, or bonding, which can’t be whitened by the bleaching agents. 

To begin the procedure, each tooth is cleaned and coated with a protective layer. Then, each tooth is coated with the whitening agent. A cheek retractor is used to prevent your lips and cheeks from touching the bleaching agents. Then, a specialized light is aimed at your teeth to help the bleaching agents penetrate into each tooth’s deeper layers.

A member of the staff monitors the whitening process to ensure you reach your optimal shade without damage. In-office teeth whitening can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter. The number of visits required depends on the type of stains you have and the results you desire. 

The results of your professional teeth whitening can last from six months to a year. You can get the longest-lasting results if you maintain proper oral hygiene, avoid consuming dark or acidic foods and drinks, and quit smoking.

To find out how professional teeth whitening can boost your confidence this summer, call Smile Center Silicon Valley to schedule an appointment.

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