Like their body as they get older, people often find it harder to take care of their teeth. Depending on variables such as medications people are on, it may be harder to keep your mouth from getting too dry. A dry mouth is not good for your gums, and can eventually cause problems. At Smile Center Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, Ca., we want you to have good dental health.

According to the American Dental Association, 30 percent of adults over 65 have dry mouth, while the number progresses with age. Older adults have increased risk for root caries (cavities), and recession of gums that expose roots. Of course you need to brush your teeth and floss as always, but avoiding dry mouth will also help. The ADA recommends sipping water throughout the day, but not sugary soda. Limiting sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeine can also help. Using a rotating electric toothbrush is also recommended for the best cleaning. Using mouthwashes high in fluoride can also help restore your teeth due to aging.

Call Smile Center Silicon Valley at (408) 245-7500 and set up an appointment. Our dentists can give you a complete examination, and we can go over your dental health with you. Because your prescriptions may have an effect, we can help navigate any questions you may have. You should always be concerned about your dental health, regardless of age. Your teeth were meant to last a lifetime, and your dentist can help make sure that happens.