Whether you come to our dental practice for veneers, bridges, or braces, you can take a preview of these treatments’ end results through a dental diagnostic wax-up in Sunnyvale, California. Our dentists can show you a wax model of your teeth so you can see how treatments and procedures will alter your smile. Feel free to contact Dr. Vellequette and Dr. Fung of Smile Center Silicon Valley to learn more about diagnostic wax-ups.

In short, a wax-up is essentially a copy of your teeth. An impression of your natural smile is taken and a model is made that matches teeth color. Our dentists use a wax-up to help them explain the treatments and procedures they will perform on your teeth. You no longer have to imagine the steps of a procedure, but rather you can see our dentists demonstrate it on the model of your teeth.

A wax-up not only helps show our patients what happens during procedures but what their smile will look like afterward. This is especially helpful with cosmetic procedures like dental veneers. You can communicate with your dentist about any changes you want made to the end result of a procedure before it even happens. Wax-ups are an excellent tool to help our dentists do a better job at serving you.

Contact us for more information about our Diagnostic Wax-Ups (408) 245-7500.