Having damaged or oddly shaped teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. Apart from affecting your appearance, smile, and confidence, damaged teeth can also alter the natural functions of the teeth and mouth. A fantastic solution to this is using a dental crown, which restores your smile and enables you to experience life to the fullest.

A dental crown is a prosthesis which is often placed over a damaged tooth or implant with the aim of improving the aesthetic appeal and durability of the tooth. Just like any other cosmetic procedure, a crown not only makes the teeth look more visually appealing, it also restores the teeth natural functions.

A crown can also be defined as a custom made tooth-like “cap” that is placed over repaired teeth to restore their original shape, color, strength, appearance, and functions. A crown is particularly critical in protecting and strengthening teeth structures that can’t be restored.

Crowns are made to mimic your natural teeth, matching the size, color, and shade, therefore blending in with the rest of your dental structure. And for those willing to customize their appearance with some ‘bling’, gold and silver crowns provide a great option.

Dental crowns are an effective way of concealing your dental flaws. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, a crown can go along with other dental procedures such as implants and dentures. Crowns can particularly increase the longevity of artificial teeth or bridges. This is because the crown offers an extra layer of protection, preventing wear and tear. Crowns ensure that your teeth last longer in excellent condition.