How Do E-Cigarettes Affect Your Teeth?

How Do E-Cigarettes Affect Your TeethFor many people, the use of e-cigarettes is a preferred method of obtaining the pleasurable effects of nicotine, but it is not without its problems. While containing significantly less risk than the use of tobacco products, this practice raises concerns with regards to a person’s oral health, and we will discuss this in more detail in this article.

E-Cigarettes: How Does This Your Teeth?

The Dangers of Hot Air

Electronic cigarettes contain three parts: a battery, a heating element, and a liquid cartridge. The receptacle holds a fluid, often referred to as juice, that has nicotine, flavoring, and other components. When this is heated, it becomes an aerosol, and it is then inhaled by the user.

This vapor passes over the oral cavity when it is at its hottest and can affect the epithelial cells that form a sheath around the roots of a tooth. This warm air will have a negative impact on fibroblasts which form connective tissue and help with the healing process. Fibroblasts also form the periodontal ligament and are essential to keeping teeth connected to the gums.

More Susceptible to Tooth Decay

Research has concluded that e-cigarette ingredients include glycol, a chemical that is found in lead, chromium, and antifreeze. Vaping can recipes also include an additive that produces a menthol flavor, and this has deleterious effects that can produce a condition known as xerostomia.

This creates the mouth to produce less saliva, and this can create an environment that is favorable to tooth decay. Saliva is acidic and helps to prevent bacterial infection, and it also helps break down food enzymes and is therefore crucial to maintaining healthy teeth.

Can Cause Inflammation and Burns

The chemicals in e-cigarettes can also cause a person to develop stomatitis, a state characterized by sores in the mouth along the palate, gums, and soft tissues. This can also take the form of cold sores, canker sores, and general irritation inside the mouth. Ulcerations can appear, and this can expose the teeth to problems, as these issues all affect the health of the gums.

It Can Kill Oral Cells

It has been found that the substances in the vapor formed by e-cigarettes can kill the cells that exist in the top layer behind the teeth and the gums. Researchers have concluded that this, while being bad for your teeth, can also cause cancer of the mouth.

In addition, this can create a health crisis, as it has been found that vaping damages a considerable number of genes that function to bolster the immune system. Vaping also poses a threat to glutathione, an antioxidant that exists as a defense against disease, greatly reducing the amount of this substance in the mouth and leaving a person at greater risk for problems with their teeth.

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