Your Guide to Sedation Dentistry

Posted July 15, 2016

Nearly 40 million Americans – or 15% of the population – suffers from dental anxiety. This anxiety differs from person to person, but a good portion of those 40 million people have a fear of the dentist that affects them so severely they can’t even set foot in a dentist’s office.

If you have severe dental phobia, then sedation dentistry at Smile Center Silicon Valley is the answer to your problems. You can get the dental care you need without suffering from any kind of anxiety. Let’s take a look at how that’s possible.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. Depending on your level of nervousness, Dr. John Vellequette will prescribe the correct amount of medication needed to relax you while you’re in the office. Once you’re sufficiently relaxed, the dental procedures will begin.

What types of sedation exist?

There are four types of sedation – laughing gas (nitrous oxide), mild sedation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia. In order, those levels of sedation are heavier than their predecessor. If you have serious dental anxieties, but don’t need major oral surgery, you’ll likely undergo deep IV sedation.

Is it safe?

Yes. Sedation dentistry is very safe, and in fact is necessary for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive the treatment they need. You may need someone to drive you home from your appointment if you end up with deep sedation or general anesthesia, but aside from that you should be able to function easily after the procedure is finished.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and want to know more about sedation dentistry, call us today at 408-245-7500 for more information.

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