The work of dentistry is restoration of good oral health. At Smile Center Silicon Valley our dentists offer many kinds of restoration. When your teeth are healthy, your whole body will also be more healthy. Plus, you won’t feel hesitant to smile due to problems with your teeth. Our name says it all, we are in the business of restoring smiles both from a cosmetic, and a healthy standpoint. You will be able to smile with confidence.

The basics of restoration involve getting teeth back to a condition where they function properly and look good. This can include filling cavities with gold, silver, amalgam, or plastic materials. This restores the missing part and makes it stable. Crowns are another means of restoring teeth because it gives the tooth a new structure and covering. In more extreme cases, instead of restoration, bridges and dentures may be used to replace teeth entirely. However, dentists like to restore the natural tooth whenever possible. Implants are a new technology that are becoming a popular part of our restorative work.

At Smile Center Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, CA, we take pride in doing the best possible restoration we can for your dental health. Give us a call at (408) 245-7500, to set up an appointment. We will give you a complete examination and explain your options carefully. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can relax. Through restorative dentistry we can improve your smile, but more importantly ultimately, we can improve the quality of your teeth. Healthy teeth do look better, but an additional benefit is that they allow you to chew your food better and improve your overall health.