Many people are wary of going to the dentist because they fear the pain and discomfort often associated with basic dental procedures, such as cavity fillings, root canals, or teeth pulls. Naturally, going to any type of doctor may not be something that you look forward to, but you should never avoid the dentist out of fear for discomfort and pain.

One of the reasons that you shouldn’t worry is sedation. With modern day sedation techniques, dentists have the ability to provide you with an anxiety-free, relaxing experience even when you’re having a serious procedure.

What Is Sedation?

Sedation refers to the drugs that are often used in dentists offices to provide a calmer and more relaxed state for the patient. There are numerous types of sedation drugs that may be used at your dentist office, and they can be administered in several different ways.

For most dentists, IV sedation or inhalation sedation are the most common. Inhalation sedation refers to “laughing gas,” which is actually nitrous oxide. This gas gives the patient a more relaxed feeling so that dental procedures aren’t so scary. More serious procedures will require an IV sedation or intravenous sedation.

Can I Get Sedation During My Procedure?

If you have an upcoming dental procedure that you are worried about, consider sedation to help you relax and calm down. You will need to speak with your dentist about your eligibility to receive sedation, but most people qualify for either laughing gas or an intravenous sedation when necessary.

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