Going to the dentist can give patients anxiety. Many people expect it to be painful, which it can be. At Smile Center Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, CA., we want to make your visit as painless as possible. Conscious sedation is one option we can explore when you visit our office. Depending on the work being done, and your tolerance for pain, this could be a possible recommendation for you. We want you to be comfortable, so we will help make sure you feel as little pain as possible.

Sedation of course, generally refers to putting a person to sleep for a surgical procedure. However, there are a variety of sedation types. A shot of pain killer or something to numb the area may be all that is needed, and that is not usually called sedation. But if you are having a root canal for instance, you will likely need something stronger. With minimal sedation, you are awake, but relaxed enough to not feel too much. A higher level is called “moderate,” or “conscious” sedation where you are still awake. Sedation can be administered through inhaling or intravenously. It lasts for half an hour or so after the procedure is done, but you will need someone to take you home because you will not be able to drive or function completely normal for up to 24 hours.

Give us a call at Smile Center Silicon Valley at (408) 245-7500, to set up your appointment. We will go over your options and you can choose the level of sedation you need. We want you to have a good experience, and sedation can make the procedure a lot less painful, and a lot less stressful. Your comfort is our main concern.