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The team at Smile Center Silicon Valley have extensive training in designing crowns and bridges, so they fit in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Sunnyvale, California’s leading dental experts, John Vellequette, DDS and Stephanie Fung, DDS, provide flexible scheduling if you need a crown or bridge. Schedule your evaluation by using the online scheduler or by calling the clinic.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Getting dental bridgework is essential if you’re missing one or more teeth. The bridge fills in the gap, so you can maintain your regular bite and not have to worry about shifting.

You might need a dental bridge not only because you’re missing a tooth, but also because it’s an alternative solution for men and women who don’t have enough bone or gum tissue to support a dental implant.

What is the Process of Getting a Dental Crown?

Getting a dental crown involves prepping the underlying tooth. If you have any decay or need a root canal, these steps are always first. After your tooth is ready, your dentist takes an impression of it and may gather some X-ray imaging to design your new crown.

You'll likely get a temporary crown the same day. This is important for preserving your natural tooth and minimizing tooth sensitivity. It takes up to a week or two for your permanent crown to come in from the lab. Once it’s in, the team at Smile Center Silicon Valley calls you to schedule a visit to have the crown permanently bonded.

This bonding process involves removing your temporary crown, thoroughly cleaning your natural tooth, and using a specialized bonding material and light to adhere the permanent crown to your prepped tooth. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, you might need to be numbed during this visit, but it isn’t always necessary.

How Long Do Crowns and Bridges Last?

Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime if you follow optimal oral hygiene practices and have professional cleaning twice a year. Although crowns and bridges are made of durable ceramic or porcelain materials and won’t decay, several circumstances can diminish the longevity of your crown or bridge.

For instance, if the underlying tooth of your crown or abutment teeth of your bridge — the teeth to which the bridge attaches — starts to decay, your crown or bridge can become loose or fall out. As long as your natural teeth are in good shape and your crown or bridge isn’t broken, you can usually have it rebonded.

Schedule your crown or bridge consultation at Smile Center Silicon Valley by using the convenient online booking system or by calling the office.

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