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Getting a root canal is usually the best way to preserve your natural tooth and avoid a tooth extraction. With their extensive experience in root canal procedures, John Vellequette, DDS and Stephanie Fung, DDS offer advanced root canal procedures at Smile Center Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California. Because they specialize in the latest root canal techniques, you can feel confident that your procedure is going to be as comfortable as possible. Schedule your root canal exam online or over the phone.

Root Canals Q & A

What Happens During a Root Canal?

If you have an infection deep in your tooth’s root or surrounding gums, you need to have the impacted tissue removed. A root canal involves extracting your tooth’s pulp, which is living connective tissue and filling in the opening. During your procedure, your dentist thoroughly numbs the treatment area and provides sedation, if requested.

After drilling a small hole in your tooth, they use specialized tools to extract all of the damaged or diseased pulp. Next, they thoroughly clean the inside of your tooth’s root to ensure you don’t have any lingering bacteria. Once your tooth’s root is cleaned out, your dentist fills it with a rubbery material called gutta percha (a replacement for the missing pulp).

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

Possibly. Once your root canal is complete, your dentist at Smile Center Silicon Valley needs to cover up the opening. For smaller holes, you may only need a filling, just like you’d get after a dental cavity treatment.

But for larger openings from root canal treatments, you’ll probably need a crown. The day of your procedure, you get a temporary crown that’s designed to protect your treated tooth and help you continue to chew normally.

After gathering some images or molds of the affected tooth, your practitioner sends them off to a lab. Your permanent crown usually arrives within a week or two, so you can then come back into the clinic to have it permanently bonded.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Modern root canal procedures are no more uncomfortable than getting a filling when you have dental decay. Plus, the team at Smile Center Silicon Valley offers several sedation options to help ease your pain and discomfort level.

For example, you may benefit from inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during your root canal. Though this gas is only intended to help soothe your nerves, many men and women fall asleep or have no recollection of their procedure. Oral and intravenous (IV) sedation are other options for minimizing root canal discomfort.

If you have a tooth that’s causing you pain, schedule an evaluation at Smile Center Silicon Valley through the online booking system. You can also call the clinic to schedule.

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