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The team at Smile Center Silicon Valley offers custom smile makeovers to help you look and feel your best. With the help of expert cosmetic dentists John Vellequette, DDS and Stephanie Fung, DDS, you can get the smile of your dreams in Sunnyvale, California. With smile makeover treatments for every issue, as well as every budget, it’s time to schedule your consultation to see how the team can help you. Book your smile makeover consultation either online or over the phone.

Smile Makeovers Q & A

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover involves sitting down with your dedicated cosmetic dentist and discussing all of your smile concerns. If you have chips, discoloration, or missing teeth, these are all issues to discuss during your exam.

Once your practitioner gets a better idea of your goals and ideal smile, they can let you know which types of cosmetic treatments may be best for you. Whether it’s whitening your teeth or replacing missing teeth — and everything in between — you’re going to feel more confident after your smile makeover is complete.

Which Smile Makeover Treatments Do I Need?

It depends on the health of your teeth and your ultimate goal. If you’re happy with the general alignment of your teeth, but wish they were brighter or more evenly shaped, you may benefit from a set of custom dental veneers.

If you’re missing one or more teeth or have broken teeth, your smile makeover can involve correcting those issues with crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays. Or in some cases, a smile makeover involves correcting and improving prior dental work.

If you still have any of those old silver fillings, for instance, replacing them with tooth-colored composite bonding can help brighten your smile. Because the purpose of a smile makeover is to perfect your smile as a whole, you may need several types of treatments.

How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take?

The entire smile makeover process at Smile Center Silicon Valley can take several visits over a period of weeks, or longer in some cases. You'll likely start with a consultation and map out the timeframe of your required treatments from there.

If you’re getting dental veneers, for instance, your next appointment involves cleaning and prepping your teeth. This is followed up by a visit to bond your veneers a week or two later when they arrive.

Or if part of your smile makeover requires getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you’re going to need to let the implant heal before getting your permanent crown. Healing can take several months. The team lets you know what to expect from your entire smile makeover process every step of the way.

You can schedule your smile makeover consultation at Smile Center Silicon Valley by using the online scheduling system or by calling the clinic.

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